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Managing Used Car Inventory With TrueRecon™: Your Secret Weapon

By Craig White, May 27, 2020

Don’t you wish you had a secret weapon for used car reconditioning?  You know, a switch or tool you could turn on and all your used car reconditioning process issues would vanish into thin air.  That would be a dream come true, but you are in a dream if you think a tool is the answer to your used car reconditioning process nightmare’s.

In the past couple of years, the biggest buzz word in the automotive industry is “days in recon.”  The used car reconditioning process is so important to a dealerships bottom line it has attracted some of the biggest technology companies in the automotive industry-like Hugh Hathcock’s Recon Velocity and vAuto’s iRecon.   While these software tools are great for identifying bottle neck issues, defining used car reconditioning processes, and accountability they are still just tools and only as good as the people that use them.  The human element is still the biggest obstacle in your used car reconditioning process.

Your Secret Weapon for Used Car Reconditioning

Technology has come a long way in the past 10 to 15 years in the used car industry.  We monitor every piece of data when purchasing cars, managing used car inventory levels, marketing used cars on third party websites and appraising customer cars in the sales process.   Armed with this data dealers have been able to completely change how they market and sale cars because of the revolutionary software that has been developed by companies like vAuto, Eleads, Max Digital and many others.

The human element is still the biggest obstacle in any process regardless of how good the software tool is.  What if you could eliminate 90% of workflow processes with a highly automated process in used car reconditioning? This would be like having a Secret Weapon for used car reconditioning, right!

Introducing TrueRecon

your secret weapon for used car reconditioning

TrueRecon is your secret weapon for used car reconditioning.   Geo-Intelligence and Geo-validation, with real data, increases the  accuracy of vehicle physical location as well as the step in process, resulting into significant increased sales opportunities and more. With real time  process automation, quick logging of used keys and books, fully Integrated, pinpoint accurate key tracking, real-time margin reporting and exact location for Geo-validation of every car on your dealership lot.  All these benefits are possible:

  • 20% gross profit improvement with a shorter time to lot-ready
  • 50% reduction in holding time with better bottleneck visibility
  • 70% reduction in staff management time and frustration
  • 100% ready for the future of retail auto reselling

I believe in TrueRecon so much I joined their team in an advisory role to help them deliver a superior product to the automotive industry in a space that desperately needs attention.   Plus, I just love an underdog success story.

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