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Keys, Keys…where are the Keys!

September 6th, 2019

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, or at least that was the case at one of TrueSpot’s dealer partners recently.

With 500+ vehicles typically in inventory and an intensive Recon process moving at light speed, TrueSpot has come to fully appreciate the issues of this dealer partner. And, quite frankly, “stuff happens.”

With that in mind, a few sets of expensive keys were mistakenly placed in the trash and taken out to the dumpster. TrueSpot’s Real Time Location Services to the rescue!

TrueSpot’s Lot Management 360, with our pinpoint car and key location capability, pointed immediately to the dumpster behind the dealership as the key’s location. Though everyone was in disbelief, the TrueSpot key proximity finder quickly confirmed the location as the dealer team moved closer to the location.

But the story does not end there, because TrueSpot had more surprises up its sleeve. As the latex gloves came out, it was a daunting task to dig through an entire dumpster of rott

ing trash. But with TrueSpot, they quickly pinpointed the exact bag of trash, avoiding a lengthy, smelly and messy exercise for all involved.

Then, voila! The keys were recovered!

Just in re-key costs alone, TrueSpot recovered $1000s of dollars, not to mention eliminating hours and hours of wasted time looking for lost keys. Possibly the best news, the cars (and keys) made it to the front line without delay.

Contact us at truespot.com to find out more about how Real Time Location Services, Lot Management 360 and TrueRecon can streamline your operations, save money and sell more! info@truespot.com

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TrueSpot Launches First Real-Time Car and Key Mapping Solution for Auto Dealers
New Technology Pinpoints Asset Locations, Boosts Customer Service, Productivity and Revenue

  • State-of-the-Art Mapping – provides instant, precise location of assets.
  • Improved Sales Support – more knowledgeable and fully sales-ready sales staff, reduces customer frustration and increases sales velocity.
  • Instant Return on Investment – Eliminates key replacement costs, boosts staff productivity.

August 20, 2019 11:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time

PLANO, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–TrueSpot, a new Internet of Things (IOT) asset location platform developer today announced the commercial launch of the industry’s first real-time mapping and inventory solution for automotive dealers.

The new technology was designed to solve one of today’s biggest challenges for auto dealers – asset and operations management. Auto dealers can spend more than $10,000 per month to replace lost vehicle keys and can waste hours of employee time tracking down cars, keys and other assets. This often results in creating frustrated, waiting customers and lost revenue. TrueSpot’s new platform dramatically reduces or eliminates these costs, while adding new capabilities that boost productivity and sales performance.

“A good analogy is a library. Current systems show when and where a key is checked out but can’t track where that key is physically located until it is checked back in,” said Mike Hanna, CEO and Founder, TrueSpot. “By reducing key replacement costs, wasted employee time and lost sales, TrueSpot literally pays for itself, month after month.”

Today’s auto dealers coordinate multiple phases of servicing to prepare each car for sale – repairs and reconditioning (which is sometimes done off site, such as upholstery), detailing, and other staging activities. This has created an environment that is constantly vulnerable for the misplacement of assets as they move from place to place, which has become a wide-spread challenge across the industry.

“TrueSpot has generated thousands of dollars in savings from lost key costs and redefined how we manage inventory and assets,” said Bob Ortiz, Preowned Inventory Manager, Mercedes Benz of Plano. “We have a happier and more efficient staff, happier customers, and more control over managing our business operations.”

State-of-the-art mapping

The TrueSpot solution is comprised of proprietary wireless locator tags that can be placed inside vehicles and attached to keys and other assets, such as such as tools, auto parts and other equipment. Combined with a low powered enterprise campus network and applications for Apple and Android wireless devices, dealerships can instantly locate these assets, including cars in service, or parked on or off the sales lot.

Better service, fewer lost sales, shorter customer wait times

TrueSpot’s management technology syncs directly with dealer inventory systems to enable mobile phone access to auto features, options, and prices. This enables sales staff to always be knowledgeable and fully sales-ready as they walk the lot. As they approach a vehicle, TrueSpot’s no-click, proximity-based technology automatically downloads that car’s specifications and price. The system also enables the dealership to easily log each test drive.

Instant ROI

Unlike other key vault and tracking systems, TrueSpot pinpoints the exact location of assets, at a fraction of the price of competitive solutions. Reduced key replacement costs and increased operational productivity generates higher profits – often far exceeding the cost of implementation.

TrueSpot can also be used in conjunction with existing auto key vault systems, at minimum incremental cost.

“Since I implemented TrueSpot, I have not had to call the locksmith once,” said James Callahan, Owner, Callahan Motors. “Our goal is to provide our customers with a pain-free buying experience, and TrueSpot increases our sales efficiency and customer satisfaction. It’s a true game changer for us.”

About TrueSpot:

Formerly known as MOLOCAR, TrueSpot was founded in 2017 by a collaboration of mobile technology insiders and auto dealership owners and operators to invent a better, more robust dealer asset management and on-lot selling solution, including the industry’s first solution for real-time inventory location data. TrueSpot partners with key technology and industry players such as Microsoft and CDK Global while also being easily compatible with many other dealer technology partners such as Dealertrack Technologies, vAuto, DealerSync and others.


Jay Barta
Jay Barta Communications

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It Was Here When I Left!

August 15th, 2019

Imagine, you are done with a long day and very ready to go home. You decide to take just one final check with TrueSpot Lot Management 360 to see that all your cars and keys are accounted for and nothing is out of the ordinary.

Whew.  Time to call it day.

However, the next morning you come in and do your typical inventory check. When you do, you notice there is an exception and that a car mysteriously disappeared at 4:45 AM from your side lot.

Wait, what?…

Immediately, you know this is likely a significant issue and, unlike times in the past, this time you have the tools to quickly jump into action. In the times before TrueSpot, a missing car could sometimes go weeks and even months without ever being missed or noticed. Not anymore.

Today, many TrueSpot dealers are able to quickly identify anomalies and exceptions, and quickly manage these kinds of issues. We hear it all the time. While Lot Management 360 is not active theft prevention, our real time location data and exception reporting can definitely assist in timely theft detection and put you in better position to manage the situation.

Contact TrueSpot today to learn more about the many powerful capabilities of Real Time Location Services for Cars and Keys, Lot Management 360 and TrueRecon. info@truespot.com

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Would You Like to Play a Game?

June 17th, 2019

While global thermal nuclear war was a favorite in the movie War Games, we prefer a bit milder game of “hide and seek” mixed with a bit of “Hot or Cold.”
Recently, one of our Dealer Partners lost a set of keys to a vehicle that was SOLD! Which can feel at times like you are in a War Game.

As the frantic search began for the keys, the trusty TrueSpot Lot Management 360 solution confidently reported that the lost key was in the “Sales Office”. But, after an extensive search, no one could find them. Where could they be?

Well, in a busy dealership’s sales office, the answer could be anywhere. But, this is where TrueSpot really starts to shine. With patent-pending mobile technology and the industry’s first Real Time Location Service (RTLS) for cars and keys, the team quickly turned to TrueSpot’s mobile app and Modar mode. This is where TrueSpot turns into a bloodhound for any lost key (or, any asset really). The proximity finder in Modar will get smaller and smaller the closer you get to a key, pinpointing it almost anywhere – including a drawer, under a pile of papers, or even somehow buried in a large metal filing cabinet.

Time to play!

Modar was not only fun as the team quickly narrowed in on the filing cabinet, but when the key was found, the celebration started as several hundred dollars were instantly saved and customer delivery was now possible. Here’s to another happy TrueSpot moment and happy customer. Game, Set, Match for the Dealer. The lost key battle was won!

“Since I implemented TrueSpot I have not had to call the locksmith once! It is a true cause and effect!”  – James Callahan, Owner, Callahan Motors

Contact TrueSpot today to learn more about the many powerful capabilities of Real Time Location Services for Cars and Keys, Lot Management 360 and TrueRecon. info@truespot.com

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