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Reynolds Backs Location Technology Pioneer TrueSpot With Strategic Investment

BREAKING NEWS!  We are thrilled to announce that Reynolds and Reynolds has made a significant investment into TrueSpot!

We are excited to share that Reynolds and Reynolds has backed TrueSpot, a pioneer in Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) and Location Intelligence for the Automotive and Healthcare industries.  The investment will further accelerate innovation of TrueSpot’s multi-patented and multi-award winning AQFind platform as well as accelerate product rollout and scale.

“Progressive dealerships and service shops that have embraced the power of location and location intelligence are recognizing unbelievable benefits, ROI gains and bottom-line impacts. Like the early adoption of the Internet for retail dealer operations, we believe that the integration of Location and Location Intelligence will soon follow a similar adoption curve.”, said Mike Hanna, TrueSpot’s CEO & Founder.

TrueSpot will continue to enable the seamless adoption of location across the entire retail automotive ecosystem enabling partners and dealers to realize the immense benefits of location intelligent operations. With well over 25 industry and partner integrations, TrueSpot can seamlessly deploy its plug-and-play RTLS network for any dealer or service shop with ease. Once enabled, customers will typically experience dramatic operational efficiency gains, eliminate lost key costs, reduce wasted time, improve customer and employee satisfaction and ultimately automate many tasks and workflows across variable, recon and fixed operations.

“The transformative potential of location intelligence in retail automotive is significant,” concluded Chris Walsh, President of Reynolds. “TrueSpot’s innovative approach aligns seamlessly with our goals, and we are enthusiastic about delivering enhanced value to our customers and the broader retail automotive ecosystem.

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