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Recon Mapped and Managed

Go beyond basic process mapping solutions. With geo-validated recon you get:

  • Dynamic margin for each vehicle
  • Automated check-in and check-out for recon steps – Weekly reporting and trend analysis
  • Real-Time Status alerts at each milestone
  • Customized entirely to your workflow
  • Simple, intuitive dashboard anyone can use

TrueSpot’s geo-intelligent and comprehensive recon management solution reduces holding time by up to 50%

Why TrueRecon™?

  • 20% gross profit improvement with a shorter time to lot-ready
  • 50% reduction in holding time with better bottleneck visibility
  • 70% reduction in staff management time and process frustration
  • 100% ready for the future of auto reselling powered by RTLS

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Reduce staff process management time by more than 70%

Simple and intuitive, leveraging easy-to-use desktop and mobile views.

  • Tailored to your custom work-flow and recon process
  • Easy to integrate real-time location for full or partial automation of your recon process – Pinpoint car and key location
  • Seamless integration with your DMS or inventory provider
  • Real-time alerts tailored to your needs
  • Ongoing support and training


President – Dallas Lease Returns

We certainly know our numbers here and when we did our analysis we came to the conclusion if we are able to drop our recon costs by one day it far exceeded the cost of TrueSpot. Not only would save headaches but it would easily pay for itself.

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