Streamline Your Recon Process

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Go beyond basic process mapping solutions. With geo-validated TrueRecon™ you get:

  • Dynamic margin for each vehicle
  • Automated check-in and check-out for recon steps – Weekly reporting and trend analysis
  • Real-Time Status alerts at each milestone
  • Customized entirely to your workflow
  • Simple, intuitive dashboard anyone can use
  • Vehicle Recalls
  • Integrated with TrueSpot Real-Time Location Services (RTLS) and Lot Management 360
  • Multipoint Inspection Checklist
  • Vendor Management and Performance Reports
  • Open Team Communications
  • Multi-Rooftop Recon Leadership Reports

TrueRecon Desktop and Mobile Dashboard

    If you think your recon process works just fine, consider this…

    TrueRecon™ Saves

    • 20% gross profit improvement with a shorter time to lot-ready
    • 50% reduction in holding time with better bottleneck visibility
    • 70% reduction in staff management time and process frustration
    • 100% ready for the future of auto reselling powered by RTLS

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    Recon that is mapped is managed with up to 70% reduction in staff time

    Partial or fully automated dashboards

    • Tailored to your custom work-flow and recon process
    • Full or partial automation of your recon process
    • Seamless integration with your DMS or inventory provider
    • Real-time alerts tailored to your needs
    • Mobile, tablet, or desktop views
    • With ongoing support and training

    Recon that is mapped is managed with up to 70% reduction in staff time


    General Manager, Toyota of Irving

    “TrueSpot is by far the best lot management technology that we’ve ever implemented in our 52 years in the business. Not only is it simple to tag and monitor vehicles/keys on any device, but it also supercharges our recon process by eliminating question marks on a vehicle’s status. TrueSpot will not only exponentially save your dealership from wasting time and money, it also eliminates the missing car/key problem and the associated stress entirely. I recommend TrueSpot and have no doubt that you’ll see the ROI and value in their technology.


    President. Dallas Lease Returns

    “The reason I recommend TrueSpot is simply execution. There are a lot of products out there and I have demoed hundreds over the years and have a ton of horror stories. At the end of the day, people are buying the products. So I need a team of people that are actually going to execute on what they promise. We are big on relationships at Dallas Lease Returns and I feel we have a fantastic relationship with TrueSpot.”


    General Manager, Galpin Volkswagen

    “TrueRecon has allowed us to eliminate paper estimates altogether and keep our operations and our processes much more organized. It’s had a huge impact on the pace of our recon process We’ve been able to work our days in recon down as a result.

    Now the sales staff has a much clearer view of the process and how quickly it’s running — and they have more confidence in it, so when they see a car that comes in, they know when they’ll be able to sell it. The enthusiasm is much higher because we have a much more efficient process. When salespeople don’t have confidence in your process, they’re going to shy away from selling certain things. When you get your sales staff more engaged, naturally the profit is going to go up.”


    Chief Financial Officer, Hernco Inc.

    “We have various vendors that we use for reconditioning, spread out all over town, and I always had the suspicion that there was lag — delays in vehicles getting frontline ready. My premise was that the time we were losing with vehicles sitting idle, waiting for a different step in the reconditioning process, was costing us money: frozen capital, interest expense on the floor plan, pick your poison. We needed to know where our inventory was and how long it was there.

    What the TrueSpot team has been able to do is work with us to understand and develop all of our reconditioning workflows. A traditional dealership has a lot of that stuff under one roof, but we have to use vendors. By installing the tracking equipment at all of our vendor locations, now I have the ability to track it, and I’ve seen results. Just in the last four months, we’ve shaved off two days from our average recon time. That’s 20 percent, and I still think there’s an opportunity to improve from there.”

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