Mapping Keys, Cars, and Recon Increases Profits

Customers are waiting. Sales associates are shrugging. Porters are hiding. Sound familiar? If lost time is killing your hard-fought deals and your current dealer management system has left you frustrated, TrueSpot can help. Our Real-Time Location Services technology has been helping dealerships perform better in all departments in ways that they never thought possible. The best part? It’s all plug and play. TrueSpot makes things easier for you so that you can make things easier for your customers. If a relaxed atmosphere, enhanced productivity, and premium customer experience are something you're after at your dealership, read on for more details!

    TrueSpot Mobile App, Desktop Lot Management 360, and Tablet Dashboard Views of Dealer Lot and Recon Operations.

    • Lot Management saves $280K/year for TrueSpot dealers on average

    • TrueRecon reduces holding time by up to 50%

    • SpotTracker GPS/Cellular OBDII tracks vehicles for 80% less than competitive solutions

    Lot Management 360

    Track Key & Car Locations

    Pinpoint accurate asset tracking with full lot operations dashboarding, powered by Real-Time Location Services. Saves $280K/year for TrueSpot dealers on average.

    • Easy to use and re-use TrueTags track cars and keys inside and outside. It’s the only solution that also works in parking garages.
    • Inconspicuous solar-powered, outdoor rugged, campus network deployed and maintained by TrueSpot.
    • 95 percent reduction in key loss reported by TrueSpot dealers with or without key lockers.
    • $2K/mo. saved in rekeying costs alone for TrueSpot dealers.
    • 30-day ROI – pays for itself key and staff productivity efficiencies.
    • 45-minute faster sales cycle with no time lost searching for missing assets.
    • 100% tailored to unique dealer business operations, geography, and reporting preferences.
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    Map Recon Processes

    Custom recon dashboard maps your entire process from transport to lot-ready, reducing holding time by up to 50%.

    • Virtual Setup and training for essential, custom geo-fenced process mapping.
    • Fully automated recon process mapping upgrade achievable with TrueTag location tracking.
    • Active alerts on any car’s status, customized to operational preferences with or without full automation.
    • 20% gross profit improvement with a shorter time to lot-ready reported by TrueSpot dealers.
    • 50% reduction in holding time with better bottleneck visibility and real-time margin reporting.
    • 70% reduction in staff management time and process frustration, removing human error.
    • 100% ready for the future of data-driven auto retailing powered by real-time location services.
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    Track VIP/Service Loaners

    Track inventory beyond your operation and partner lots, anywhere, anytime with our purpose-built OBDII GPS/Cellular module.

    • 80% lower cost of dealer ownership versus competing and OEM pre-installed GPS solutions – with the same accuracy!
    • NO F&I sale is required to see a return on your investment in this plug-and-play solution.
    • ZERO special service techs are required to install or manage this low profile, no-wire, or antenna device.
    • ZERO geographic limitations, meaning this solution is ideal for service loaners and fleet vehicles.
    • Low profile, high-performance solution works in all models from 1996 and beyond
    • 100% complimentary to our solar-powered campus networks, TrueTags, and custom dashboards, with no extra integration required.
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