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Location data is a game changer for recon processes

There is one feature that your recon process must have. LOCATION.

Many recon solutions out there promise to simplify and speed up your recon process, but only one can spare your staff from countless hours of manual inputs, avoiding your managers from chasing you down to provide accurate, real time, data with integrity.

TrueRecon seamlessly moves your vehicles through the recon process while automatically capturing the data you need to optimize the entire workflow. Only TrueRecon offers Geo-Validated and Automatic Geo-Stepping through the recon workflow.

Vehicle reconditioning consists of a chain of activities, While some activities are done in house and others outsourced  with vendors with different specialties. These steps can be time consuming and there can be A LOT of them.  The key to an efficient recon process is efficiently managing these steps and optimizing the workflow of f vehicles through the process. As we know every step in the process takes time and wasted time in recon translates to higher holding costs and eroded margin.

The antidote to the margin leakage of traditional recon processes is Geo-Validation.

What’s that you say? Geo-what?!

Geo-validation is the power to know where a vehicle is in any recon process, regardless of length or number of steps. With TrueRecon from TrueSpot, dealers get real-time insight into where a car is ACTUALLY at in the recon process.  This is powerful information!

Simply put, Location is powerful. Not only do you know the physical location of the vehicle, with TrueRecon you can also know the step the vehicle is in on its path to the front line.

So, while all recon solutions can map your process and most can provide some sort of dashboard, ONLY TrueRecon can add location data to Geo-Validate where a car actually is and help dealers make real-time decisions the directly impact margin. And, only TrueRecon and save up to 75% of staff time spent trying to manually track cars as well as locate cars that have gone missing in the process.

Meaning, in 2020, the secret ingredient that your recon process needs is LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION.

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