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How MODAR by TrueSpot Takes the Guesswork Out of Car Key Locating

If you have been around the KeyBank system at all, you know keys can still go missing. A typical scenario goes as follows.

A key is returned to the cabinet, but only partially plugged back into the system. It’s in there, but it is might as well be lost because it can’t be easily found. Now, a couple of days go by and someone is looking for that key – FAST!

What do you do?

The KeyBank system points to Joe, who swears on his life that he put it back in the cabinet a couple of days ago. He says, he followed his training. He put it back. He can’t imagine where it has gone.

The hunt is on.

Of course, there are over 800 keys spread across four different KeyBank cabinets. So, finding this particular key just became your worst nightmare (and probably Joe’s too).

Do you start with door #1, #2, #3, or #4? Did Joe really put that key back or was it another car he demoed that day? What if it’s not there at all? What will a new key cost?

Your head is swimming as you face hours of searching each cabinet and setting off the warning bells, while simultaneously blocking your co-workers from accessing the system at all.

Frustration builds.

Fortunately for Joe, TrueSpot was recently installed at your dealership and the key was tagged! Lot Management 360 was accessed and able to confirm that “yes”, the key was somewhere in the KeyBank system. Hallelujah! Now, if only TrueSpot could tell us which cabinet it’s in.

Which is exactly what TrueSpot did this week.

Thanks to MODAR by TrueSpot, the key is located without even opening the KeyBank cabinets! The app was opened, MODAR mode was quickly accessed and the bullseye finder immediately points to cabinet #2.

Sweet relief!

That’s another key found. Another happy employee. Another happy customer.

TrueSpot, helping find keys and cars (and avoiding frustration) every single day.

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