When first speaking with TrueSpot about this time last year, I informed them of one problem I was trying to solve, and TrueSpot assured me they could solve that problem. The problem I wanted to solve was reducing wasted time for our associates finding new/used cars. The service, sales, and detail departments all had people looking for new and used cars all day, every day, and it would sometimes take 20+ minutes to locate a single car. TrueSpot has helped reduce that time wasted, and greatly increase efficiency. Whether it’s a customer showing up to see a car, a technician looking for their next used car inspection, or a detailer looking for their next car to clean, TrueSpot tells them exactly where to find the car. This product is a big WIN for each department of the dealership. I can’t think of a vendor or service I’ve used recently that could provide a better ROI than TrueSpot. Your associates will thank you for the investment, just like ours have. Plus, the people that makeup TrueSpot are really great to work with!