The Fast Track to Affordable RTLS

Introducing MEDSPOT 360 ESSENTIALS, the industry’s most affordable and accurate Real Time Location Service.

Are you looking for a reliable Real Time Location System (RTLS) solution for your hospital but concerned about not having it in your current budget, the high upfront costs, and the complexity of deployment? Look no further than MedSpot 360 Essentials, our easy and affordable RTLS solution designed to quickly get high need areas and departments of your hospital up and going with our patented RTLS application AQFind platform.

TrueSpot Health - MEDSPOT 360
TrueSpot Health - MEDSPOT 360

Tailored hospital coverage:

Tailored hospital coverage: Using up to 100 gateways, Essentials will cover most areas of your hospital including main work areas, room blocks, hallways, egress points, and other key areas.

Simplified setup:

Our plug-and-play RTLS system powered by the AQFind platform makes it quick and easy to get started with RTLS tracking.

Asset tracking determination:

Hospitals can track 500, 750, or 1,000 assets with Essentials based on their needs.

Flexible payment option:

You’ll pay only $2,500 upfront, with the remaining balance to be determined and deferred for 12 months.

Affordable monthly fees:

Our monthly fee for Essentials covers the cost of your tags, tracking, and network support fee, you can enjoy the benefits of RTLS tracking with minimal financial risk.

Discounted upgrade pricing:

Upgrade to the full AQFind RTLS network within 3, 6,or 9 months of starting Essentials and enjoy attractive discounts.

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MedSpot 360 Essentials Pricing

Example: After survey the full MedSpot 360 and AQFind RTLS deployment will require 175 gateways with the 5 base stations, 1500 tags, and track the 1,500 assets. The hospital would like to start the program, but it is currently not in the budget. The option is to start with MedSpot 360 Essentials.

MEDSPOT 360 Essentials Pricing

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“I couldn’t believe an RTLS solution could be this accurate at this price. With MedSpot 360, we spend more time turning beds than looking for them. – Emergency Director, Major Southwest Hospital