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Would You Like to Play a Game?

June 17th, 2019

While global thermal nuclear war was a favorite in the movie War Games, we prefer a bit milder game of “hide and seek” mixed with a bit of “Hot or Cold.”
Recently, one of our Dealer Partners lost a set of keys to a vehicle that was SOLD! Which can feel at times like you are in a War Game.

As the frantic search began for the keys, the trusty TrueSpot Lot Management 360 solution confidently reported that the lost key was in the “Sales Office”. But, after an extensive search, no one could find them. Where could they be?

Well, in a busy dealership’s sales office, the answer could be anywhere. But, this is where TrueSpot really starts to shine. With patent-pending mobile technology and the industry’s first Real Time Location Service (RTLS) for cars and keys, the team quickly turned to TrueSpot’s mobile app and Modar mode. This is where TrueSpot turns into a bloodhound for any lost key (or, any asset really). The proximity finder in Modar will get smaller and smaller the closer you get to a key, pinpointing it almost anywhere – including a drawer, under a pile of papers, or even somehow buried in a large metal filing cabinet.

Time to play!

Modar was not only fun as the team quickly narrowed in on the filing cabinet, but when the key was found, the celebration started as several hundred dollars were instantly saved and customer delivery was now possible. Here’s to another happy TrueSpot moment and happy customer. Game, Set, Match for the Dealer. The lost key battle was won!

“Since I implemented TrueSpot I have not had to call the locksmith once! It is a true cause and effect!”  – James Callahan, Owner, Callahan Motors

Contact TrueSpot today to learn more about the many powerful capabilities of Real Time Location Services for Cars and Keys, Lot Management 360 and TrueRecon. [email protected]

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