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Two For One

September 19th, 2019

Deals as sweet as this don’t just happen on Tuesdays at your local burger joint, they happen every day with Truespot!

Amidst a chaotic day of test drives, inventory management, and closing deals, are you certain you are going to notice a pair of keys slipping out of your pocket? When your attention is being pulled in ten different directions by customers and coworkers, are you sure that the keys you drop on the windshield wiper for the porter will not be overlooked? Some days, the answer is inevitably no, and that was the answer to both these questions for one of Truespot’s dealer partners.

Two sets of keys were lost at the same time in an unexpected double drop.

The first set slipped out of the porter’s pocket into the driver’s side door compartment of the car he was moving. And, the second fell deep into the windshield tray of the wiper. When the keys of the cars in question were urgently needed, a moment of panic ensued as the staff realized that they were lost. However, what would have surely been prolonged chaos and heartburn quickly turned to relief and satisfaction.

TrueSpot’s RTLS (Real Time Location Service) for cars and keys and Lot Management 360 to the rescue!

Quickly confirming the location of the keys was just the start. With the pinpoint accuracy of the mobile apps, the team knew both sets of keys were definitely in the car. But, as we all know, keys are small and can hide in the trickiest of places.

So, after a few minutes of checking the obvious places like the cup holders, the trunk, and the glove compartment, they knew they had to dig a bit deeper.

This is where Truespot’s “Modar Mode” kicked into high gear. Modar Mode and its real-time proximity sensor guided the team to within the very last inch of where both keys were hiding – the first, hidden in the door compartment and the second, fallen deep into the windshield compartment below the wipers.

TrueSpot and Modar Mode, these misplaced keys would have undoubtedly been given up on as lost forever. Along with several hundred dollars paid to the locksmith and, potentially, dissatisfied customers.

Truespot’s partners got a sweet deal that day; two sets of lost keys found at one time and at no extra cost.

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