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TrueSpot joins #TeamVINCUE with New Integrated Solutions for Inventory Location Services

VINCUE & TrueSpot have announced a new partnership that provides deep integration between TrueSpot inventory location services and VINCUE inventory management to actionize data for increased gross and turn.

Kansas City, Missouri. Monday, February 21, 2022: DealerCue Automotive Corp. (“VINCUE”), maker of VINCUE, the retail automotive industry’s only unified inventory lifecycle solution provider, and TrueSpot, the innovative automotive inventory location services and solutions provider, have announced a new partnership that will integrate TrueSpot products, solutions, and data into the VINCUE platform – and add TrueSpot to the #TeamVINCUE partnership program. With the new integration, TrueSpot data will be embedded and actionized within VINCUE algorithms, workflows, and reports, to create new efficiencies and automations for automotive retail dealers.

Mike Hanna, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of TrueSpot, says that for inventory location is everything. “Inventory is a dealer’s most critical asset and our geolocation-based solutions protects that investment by tracking, mapping, and measuring every step of the inventory’s physical lifecycle,” explains Hanna. “The partnership with VINCUE unlocks the ability to use the physical location of inventory to automate reports, alerts, and decisions inside of VINCUE, creating efficiencies, reducing costs, and making it easier to get more gross out of each vehicle.”

TrueSpot offers three products built on top of their geolocation technology that will be integrated into VINCUE: LotManagement 360™, a solution to track the physical location of keys and vehicles; TrueRecon™, a custom dashboard that maps the entire recon process from transport to lot-ready; and SpotTracker™, a tracking solution for loaner and fleet vehicles. VINCUE will use integrate the geolocation data into its inventory management data and use it to automate tasks, reports, and alerts.

“The TrueSpot integration gives us the data we need to identify bottlenecks in areas like recon to reduce days-to-market,” says Danny Zaslavsky, Managing Partner for VINCUE and General Manager of Country Hill Motors, an independent dealership in Kansas City, “but it also helps us understand what we can do to turn that car faster.” Zaslavsky says that VINCUE is built to increase gross and turn, which means being 912 BROADWAY, KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI +1 (844) 484-6283 \\ [email protected] @VINCUEAUTO #BYDEALERSFORDEALERS FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE © Copyright 2021 Vincue LLC, All Rights Reserved, Proprietary & Confiential. Page 2 of 2 able to identify inventory that isn’t performing or turning as quickly – and giving dealers choices on how to move it faster. “TrueSpot will tell us with absolute accuracy wether the car is physically moving, whether it’s in and out of service, going on test drives, or just being rotated around the lot,” says Zaslavsky, “VINCUE can do a lot with that data, like automate digital ads for inventory with low test drives or alert the dealer to move the car to a better spot on the lot.”

The announcement adds TrueSpot to VINCUE’s #TeamVINCUE partnership program, open to vendors, industry thought leaders, and dealerships that are committed to helping the entire dealer body win in a market that is being disrupted by large national chains. The program is designed to facilitate the sharing of ideas, solutions, and knowledge through networking, education, and integrations like the one with TrueSpot. “The dealer body is going to have to work and evolve together to remain competitive with companies like CarMax, Carvana, and Zroom,” says Zaslavsky, “we’re excited to work with anyone that shares our vision.”

This announcement comes in a series of company announcements, new partnerships, and product enhancements from VINCUE, which announced a record year in 2021, more than doubling in employees, revenue, and dealership rooftops. VINCUE, the only software provider to offer unified inventory lifecycle solutions within a single system, plans to continue that growth in 2022 through additional #TeamVINCUE partnerships, industry thought leadership, and investment in product features and capabilities.

VINCUE will be exhibiting at the 2022 NADA Convention & Exhibition, at Booth 5049W in the Main Hall, where you can pre-schedule or walk-in for a meeting or product demonstration with the VINCUE team. During the exhibition, VINCUE will also be welcoming speakers from other #TeamVINCUE partners and featuring its own leaders through a series of mini-breakout sessions. VINCUE is a privately held company located in Kansas City, Missouri. Its founder and Chief Executive Officer is Chris Hoke, a long-time automotive technology veteran and former software engineering leader at VIN Solutions. The company was founded in 2016 and employs over 50 full-time team members, including sales, marketing, performance management, onboarding, and dealer support. For more information or to contact VINCUE, please visit

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