Streamline Your Recon

Go beyond basic process mapping solutions. With geo-validated TrueRecon™ you get:

  • Dynamic margin for each vehicle
  • Automated check-in and check-out for recon steps – Weekly reporting and trend analysis
  • Real-Time Status alerts at each milestone
  • Customized entirely to your workflow
  • Simple, intuitive dashboard anyone can use

TrueRecon Desktop and Mobile Dashboard

If you think your recon process works just fine, consider this…

TrueRecon™ Saves

  • 20% gross profit improvement with a shorter time to lot-ready
  • 50% reduction in holding time with better bottleneck visibility
  • 70% reduction in staff management time and process frustration
  • 100% ready for the future of auto reselling powered by RTLS

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Recon that is mapped is managed with up to 70% reduction in staff time

Partial or fully automated dashboards

  • Tailored to your custom work-flow and recon process
  • Full or partial automation of your recon process
  • Seamless integration with your DMS or inventory provider
  • Real-time alerts tailored to your needs
  • Mobile, tablet, or desktop views
  • With ongoing support and training


President – Dallas Lease Returns

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    We came to the conclusion that true spot not only would it save some headaches but also easily pay for itself – Kris Gaerlan, President, Dallas Lease Returns