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Top Five Reasons Dealers With TrueRecon Outperform The Norm

TrueSpot integrates CDK Repair Order tracking with TrueRecon.

Efficiency starts with location intelligence. Geo-IntelligenceTM, to be specific. It’s the ability to accurately locate, map, and manage dealership operations to eliminate unnecessary loss, maximize customer satisfaction, and accelerate sales.

What’s this got to do with recon?

TrueSpot, the inventor of Geo-Intelligence for retail automotive dealers, has expanded its integration with CDK to offer one solution to manage recon operations. Now, not only can CDK customers locate assets like cars, keys, or plates with TrueSpot’s Lot Management 360 and Fixed Ops 360, but dealers can manage parts and labor for recon directly through TrueRecon – Now available in the Fortellis marketplace.

The benefit?

Dramatic improvements in time savings, inventory, and reporting accuracy are associated with reconditioning process management.

Top 5 reasons TrueRecon Dealers Demand Geo-Intelligence:

  1. Automated vehicle step progression for less human error
  2. Track every vehicle in real-time, including at offsite vendors
  3. Alerts when vehicles are lot-ready OR stalled at a particular step
  4. Margin calculator to assist with real-time repair order decisions
  5. One recon dashboard that includes real-time parts and labor management

By taking advantage of open APIs through Fortellis, CDK dealers can tap into Geo-Intelligence to reduce human error in daily operations. Now, critical information dealers need to make decisions comes to them. Everything from repair status alerts, margin data, asset locations, and more is accessible through one easy-to-use solution.

“TrueSpot is dedicated to keeping dealers ahead of technology and empowered to work smarter,” Mike Hanna, CEO, and Founder of TrueSpot said. “Now, CDK dealers can go way beyond finding cars and keys, which add significant value, to make the work of managing their operations easier and more profitable. With TrueRecon, Lot Management 360, and Fixed Ops 360 dealers never have to wonder where their assets are or where their operations are leaking margins. TrueSpot takes the guess-work out of dealer-work.”

“We’re very pleased to offer integration with TrueSpot in the Fortellis Marketplace to bring innovative operations solutions to dealers,” said Rag Ramanathan Fortellis Sr. Director Product Management . “Leveraging the power of the Fortellis marketplace allows companies like TrueSpot to be part of a growing number of offerings that are shaping the future of automotive retail.”

TrueSpot and CDK

TrueSpot asset tracking, secure campus network, and operations dashboarding products introduce powerful efficiencies into the dealer’s daily operations. With Fortellis new open APIs, dealers manage repair orders all from TrueSpot, leveraging the highly rich operational code library provided by CDK for each dealer. The result is a single and straightforward point of repair order management between CDK and TrueSpot in a process where time is of the essence.

About TrueSpot

TrueSpot is the automotive retail leader in location. It starts with real-time location for cars, keys, and plates, enabling the geo-intelligence to manage dealer operations and drive customer experience.

About Fortellis Automotive Commerce Exchange™ Platform

Fortellis is a technology platform that enables the automotive industry to leverage, build, innovate and integrate solutions and workflows to transform business. The Fortellis platform—with its Developer Network and Marketplace—connects software developers, OEMs, and dealers so they can create new and unique experiences efficiently and seamlessly.

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