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Top Five Dealership Asset Tracking Myths Busted

Stop us if you have ever heard this on your showroom floor, “do you have the keys to the red SUV?” Or, any number of exasperated sellers where a really strong “up” is asking to test drive a vehicle that shows in inventory, but is nowhere to be found?

Can you picture it? Are you unwittingly grinding your teeth at just the mere suggestion of this conversation again?

To save your teeth, we’ve drafted responses to these Top Five Myths about dealer asset tracking.

1.     I don’t have a key/car problem. The average dealership books around $2K per car sold. If the average cost is $350 per key, and dealers lose up to 10 keys per month, that’s over $2K in just keys. Let’s say that differently. If you rekey cars every month, that cost is like selling one less car per month. Ever make a quota by one car?

2.    We have bad weather here. Our solutions are deployed in the four corners of America. Just this week, we completed a solar-powered installation for a dealer in the Northeast, in the rain, and under a massive set of power lines. Completed, we say, because neither rain nor electrical interference stood in the way of pinpoint tracking thousands of assets for that dealer.

3.    These things never work. That’s true of some solutions. Some companies out there sell services that don’t really work as advertised. That’s not us. “Sure, sure,” you say.  Our patent-pending solution has been hardened (see #2 above) over years of development to produce happy customers. Just ask. We’ll share their names and let them tell you.

4.    I just need more salespeople.  The funny thing about this one is that keys and cars don’t lose themselves. People lose them. Daily. What’s the cost of finding, hiring, training, coaching, and paying that special salesperson who is so detail-oriented that they never lose things? How long do they usually stay? Our systems deploy in a few hours, completely by us, and all you have to do is point, click, find. Wanna bet who’s better at tracking stuff? Call us for a demo. We’ve got a sleeve of ProV1 golf balls that says we can do it better.

5.    My RFID, GPS, ABC, 123 solution works great. Really? Unlike RFID, we can track assets – big and small and with far better performance on your lot.   GPS? Sure, but the competing solutions out there require an F&I sale to payout. Our plug and play solution doesn’t (and we still deliver a significant ROI multiple over F&I sales). We are purpose-built to find stuff. NOW. In pockets. Under seats. On back lots. On joyrides. And, we do it for less with incredible accuracy.

So there you have it. There is a better way, and it pays for itself.  We haven’t even gotten into the improvements to customer experience or the operational savings that comes with knowing where things are at all times.

Look, we want to help make you the best and most efficient dealer you can be.  We believe people still want to come to the dealership and when they do, they are expecting more and better customer service.  TrueSpot is dedicated to ensuring that experience is maximized, with you focusing on the customer.

Don’t let the silly frustration of lost stuff keep you from that. You are better than that. We are here to make sure you win.

Call us for a demo now. It’s free. It’s COVID-friendly. And, you have, LITERALLY, nothing to lose. 


Please contact us here to see how this collective experience can make your dealership more efficient and effective.

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