Introducing: SpotTracker

The auto industry’s most lightweight, easy to deploy and manage OBD2 vehicle tracking solution.

Tailor made for VIP Demos, Service Loaners and easily extensible to Lot Management 360 from TrueSpot.

Custom built from the ground up for a low profile, high performance solution that seamlessly integrates with your operations.

Auto Pairing
Just plug in the device and we automatically
pair the vehicle to your DMS and start tracking. Even if the car is not already in your inventory, we automatically create and VIN Validate the vehicle instance. Once the vehicle shows up in your feed, we simply marry it to the existing record.

Informational Alerts with Geo-fencing
Quickly create local, state or national geo-fences that trigger movement alerts. Set time of day triggers for movement at odd hours. Get notified of a collision, tow event and reckless driving.

Seamless Integration with Lot Management 360
Already using TrueSpot’s campus based Real Time Location Services? SpotTracker and TrueTags work together seamlessly to always provide you the location data you need.

SpotTracker requires no F&I service sales.

Easy to install – Plug & Play

No antenna or hard-wired solution required. Device auto pairs with VIN Validation and auto calibrates to work in any model from 1996 onwards