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Real Time Location Services
Industry’s 1st Campus Network, RTLS platform, and End to End solution for tracking cars and keys

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Lot Management 360™

Real-time visibility to your inventory’s location meets actionable analytics and intelligence.

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Get Frontline Ready Faster
Recon Mapped and Managed

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The auto industry’s most lightweight, easy to deploy and manage OBD2 vehicle tracking solution.

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Full suite of location-driven dealer management solutions

Pinpoint Key+Car Locating

Key Locations Mapped with Pinpoint Accuracy

Go from expensive lockers and locksmiths to key tracking that pays for itself within the first 30-days. Our Real-Time Location Services (RTLS) can literally walk you to within inches of the lost key with a simple click. We place an inexpensive and quarter-sized tracker on the keyring and capture location in our system. If it goes missing, you simply open the app, select the key you want to find from your integrated DMS listing and our bullseye finder walks you to within inches of the missing key. Here’s a real-life story of a dealer who saved a sale by finding a key using TrueSpot. Here’s the story of another who found hundreds of dollars in keys mistakenly thrown out in the trash. Read more>>

Cars Found In Seconds, On or Off Lot

Very simply, you know where all the cars are at all times. Small tags like the one in the image above are placed in the car and matched to vehicle VIN through integration with your DMS provider. Once the tag is added, the car can be mapped anywhere on the front, back, or remote lot. Now, when customers come in with a particular car in mind, you pull up quickly to shorten the time to test-drive. We even track service loaners with a more cost-effective GPS/Cellular module for the OBDII port that can track a car anywhere in the world. No special tech support or F&I upsell required. Click here to see what RTLS can save you in rekeying costs and reclaimed productivity.

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Lot Management 360™

Anytime, Anywhere Dashboard

Powered by our RTLS, visibility to your inventory on your lots is always on and accessible from anywhere, anytime on mobile, tablet, or desktop displays. Analyze data and manage your inventory at work or at home. Whether off duty or stuck at home during a pandemic, you have full-time visibility to every car’s location, status, and profitability data.

Powerful Insights

Our full-featured dashboard and mobile toolset to report on inventory age, top-10 feature lists, sales hot zones, and real-time alerts that optimize margins. Need to make sure SUVs aren’t mixed in with compacts? That’s one click. Want to move aged inventory to the front line to get it off your balance sheet? Give the order and watch it move from old to sold.

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Recon Mapped and Managed

View your unique recon process on one dashboard with active alerts as cars move from step to step. Mapping recon is the power of knowing where a car is without paper trails or phone inquiries. You see it as one system, displayed on mobile, tablet, or desktop and you can get without anyone ever setting foot on your lot.  Recon mapping is table steaks today and it can be set-up and optimized over the phone with virtual training from our always-on support staff included.

Fully Automated Recon

Adding RTLS to recon mapping adds geo-validation. That’s not just the power to see your process mapped or get alerts when a car moves, but it’s the power to know exactly where the car and keys are if a customer is waiting or to assess available margin based on that specific step and number of days in the process. Plus, location means the process does not require a special tech, a partner, or office staffer to check a car in or out. From truck to lot-ready your recon process can manage itself.

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