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It is always exciting when a new dealership realizes they can track their keys, vehicles, dealer plates, anything they want in real time with TrueSpot! Check out this Hyundai store in St. Augustine, Florida that just got set up with us!


TrueSpot is excited to announce our latest partnership with Domination DMS. Check out the latest episode of the VUE Points podcast, where CEO Sharon Kitzman and our very own Mike Hanna discuss the power location!


TrueSpot Is selected for the Emerging8 Award


TrueSpot has WON the NAVICON Cup!

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Mike Hanna and VINCUE Managing Partner Danny Zaslavsky chat about our integration and partnership


Mike Hanna was live on “LIVE with LOPES” from NADA2022


TrueSpot CEO Mike Hanna at the Fixed Ops Roundtable MARCH MAGIC!


Mike Hanna on Fixed Ops 360 with Brad Paschal @ Fixed Ops Digital


TrueSpot is now integrated with KEYper systems. What does that mean for car dealerships?


TrueSpot CEO Mike Hanna at the Fixed Ops Roundtable – Unapplied Time at the Dealership


TrueSpot has WON the NAVICON Cup!

“UPDATED” – TrueSpot has WON the NAVICON Cup! "We are [...]

By |November 20, 2021|

TrueSpot Takes the Stage at Used Car Week 2021 CEO Mike Hanna to speak November 18th at NAVIcon

LAS VEGAS, Nevada – November 15th – TrueSpot, an Internet [...]

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Lot Management Done Right!

Many companies claim they have a lot management solution, [...]

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Top 5 Ways to Maximize Vehilce Recon Profits List

As used car demand booms beyond pre-COVID 19 levels, [...]

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Top Five Dealership Asset Tracking Myths Busted

Stop us if you have ever heard this on [...]

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5 Tips and Tricks to Maximize Profits in Recon

Here are 5 quick tips and tricks to help improve the efficiency of your make-ready process and maximize profits in recon. We will go over the process you have in place, setting benchmarks, and other quick ways to cut down on holding costs.

It’s all about Time and Money… Tracking Keys and Cars.

Tracking your keys and cars is all about saving time and creating opportunity to make more money. You will spend countless hours working at a dealership with little extra time, because all your time is spent trying to make money. Let’s visit and go over ways to be more efficient, and allow you that time back to work on getting the extra cash. Give me a call, text, or email and lets talk for 15 minutes.

It’s the little things that dealerships miss…

With all the money spent every year on improving your dealership, why do so many over look their most used items everyday? Efficiency is all about improving on the small things in your process. TrueSpot can help the sales flow, service process, and make-ready steps.

Tracking Car and Keys in a Parking Garage

Can you track cars and keys in a parking structure with TrueSpot? The short answer is yes, but let me show you how that works on the desktop dashboard and using the phone app.

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