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Saving the Day With TrueSpot Modar Mode: A True Story

October 29th, 2019

You don’t need superpowers to be a hero. All you need is TrueSpot’s MODAR mode.

Almost every dealer can recall when a key was lost at a time of critical importance, such as when a car is due for delivery or a customer is asking for a test drive. Employees are wasting time scrambling around searching, customers are frustrated, and the dealership is embarrassed. Everyone is looking at each other hoping someone saves the day. Now imagine having the power to locate any key, anywhere on the premises. Whoever had that power would be a superhero!

Recently one of TrueSpot’s dealer partners had a situation just like this. A car was due for delivery and the keys were nowhere to be found. One employee knew they were equipped with the powers that TrueSpot provides, and first checked Lot Management 360. Seeing that the keys’ location was last recorded a few days prior, in an area covered by the system, it was time to break out MODAR mode and head into the uncovered territory. Sure enough, within a few short minutes of playing “hot and cold,” the keys were found!

Day saved, and the employee that utilized TrueSpot felt like a hero. The real hero, however, is whoever chose to implement TrueSpot into their dealership. The dealer acknowledged that without TrueSpot, the keys would surely be lost and they would have to purchase and program a new key for the customer, and potentially result in a delay of the delivery.

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