Unlocking the Real ROI of RTLS Asset Tracking in Healthcare

Maximize your healthcare facility’s operational efficiency, reduce expenses, and enhance patient outcomes with the Real-Time Location System (RTLS) for asset tracking. Despite the recognized value of these systems, only about 30% of hospitals use some form of RTLS, often due to concerns about costs and demonstrating a return on investment. However, RTLS solutions can offer tangible financial benefits and a host of soft dollar returns that can be realized within a few months.

Some of the benefits RTLS can bring to your healthcare facility:

  • Time savings in locating assets
  • Theft prevention and asset management
  • Increased efficiency for BioMed
  • Operational efficiency and patient satisfaction

Companies like TrueSpot Health are now offering affordable and efficient RTLS solutions, allowing you to start realizing the benefits of RTLS more quickly. Their patented AQFind™ RTLS platform provides a full plug-and-play installation in just one to two weeks, bypassing traditional challenges such as connecting to hospital Wi-Fi or running cabling through ceilings and walls. Don’t let upfront costs deter you from the substantial value and savings RTLS can bring to your healthcare facility.

Unlocking the Real ROI of RTLS Asset Tracking in Healthcare

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