Think RTLS Asset Management is too expensive?

Think again.

Introducing MEDSPOT 360, the industry’s most affordable and accurate Real Time Location Service.

Unlike competing solutions, the TrueSpot AQFind™ platform is a patented plug-and-play private network using smaller tracking tags to accurately locate assets without needing to access legacy IT systems or infrastructure.

With TrueSpot Health you will find a better performing RTLS system at a fraction of the setup cost of existing legacy systems.

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Why TrueSpot Health?

Improved  Patient Care:

Reduce delays and improve patient safety by allowing healthcare staff to quickly identify and locate needed  medical equipment.

Cost  Savings:

Reduce the cost associated with lost or stolen assets, as well as the cost of replacing them.

Increase Revenue:

Decrease the time required to treat patients  and turn beds faster.


Identify areas where assets are being underused or in-need to optimize resources.


Monitor the timing of preventative maintenance, repairs, or replacement to ensure that the necessary resources are available when needed.

Why leading health systems choose MEDSPOT 360:

More Accurate


– Not reliant on WiFi
– Most compact tracking tags
– Tuned for your use case

Lower Cost


– Less upfront cost
– Smaller inexpensive hardware
– Easier to maintain



– Easy to install
– Standalone AQFind Network
– No wires to pull

MEDSPOT 360 simplifies real-time tracking and monitoring of assets with our robust dashboard and app.

MedSpot 360 Dashboard

The Fast Track to Affordable RTLS

MedSpot 360 Essentials Pricing

Are you looking for a reliable Real Time Location System (RTLS) solution for your hospital but concerned about not having it in your current budget, the high upfront costs, and the complexity of deployment? Look no further than MedSpot 360 Essentials, our easy and affordable RTLS solution designed to quickly get high need areas and departments of your hospital up and going with our patented RTLS application AQFind platform.

Example: After survey the full MedSpot 360 and AQFind RTLS deployment will require 175 gateways with the 5 base stations, 1500 tags, and track the 1,500 assets. The hospital would like to start the program, but it is currently not in the budget. The option is to start with MedSpot 360 Essentials.

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Mike Hanna

Dirk Williamson – EVP TrueSpot Health

Dirk is a senior sales and development executive with over 25 years’ experience in the communications, high tech, and digital sectors. Dirk has held leadership roles at Twilio, Google, Accenture, and Nokia, leading diverse GTM, Marketing, Business Development, and Industry Relations teams.

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Mike Hanna

Angela Williams – Vice President of Sales

Angela Williams, VP Sales has 25 years of experience in the healthcare sector, previously worked for several technology startups, the distribution of medical devices, and pharmaceuticals.

In these roles, she oversaw the entire go-to-market strategy. Astra Zeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, BMS, and Medline Industries are a few other companies where she has held a variety of positions.

Angela oversees the company’s initiatives for direct and indirect sales, business development, and alliances and has brought her entrepreneurial spirit to TrueSpot Health bringing our industry leading RTLS platform into partnerships with GPO’s and Healthcare Organizations.

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“I couldn’t believe an RTLS solution could be this accurate at this price. With MedSpot 360, we spend more time turning beds than looking for them. – Emergency Director, Major Southwest Hospital