Lot Management 360™

One Dashboard For Your Whole Operation

The next generation of Lot Management has arrived! Accurate real-time location of cars and keys drives high efficiency lot operations and reduced turn time.

  • Instant Car and Key Locations
  • Find misplaced cars
  • Mobile enabled TrueTag tracker
  • Real time analytics

  • Theft detection
  • Floor plan audits and online photos
  • Expedite opening and closing actions
  • Location mapping based on days in inventory and important vehicle data

Real-time visibility to your inventory’s location meets actionable analytics and intelligence.

Why Lot Management 360™?

  • Losing keys is a BIG profitability drain
  • Finding cars is even a BIGGER waste
  • Faster service and faster floor plan audits
  • Streamlined opening and closing procedures

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Sales engagement and customer satisfaction directly improved with better equipped sales teams and faster customer service

Dynamic dashboard and real-time analytics digitizes your front line operations

  • Tailored to your custom work-flow and recon process
  • Easy to integrate real-time location for full or partial automation of your recon process – Pinpoint car and key location
  • Seamless integration with your DMS or inventory provider
  • Real-time alerts tailored to your needs
  • Ongoing support and training


Service Manager – Mercedes Benz of Plano

As a large luxury brand service facility, we service multiple clients daily and hundreds of keys and vehicles are passed back and forth daily.  TrueSpot has improved our daily function as a service department by allowing us to track our assets in the event one goes missing and get in front of a potential problem before it happens and retain our revenue.

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