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Recovering Keys with TrueSpot Lot Management 360

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, or at least that was the case at one of TrueSpot’s dealer partners recently.

With 500+ vehicles typically in inventory and an intensive Recon process moving at light speed, TrueSpot has come to fully appreciate the issues of this dealer partner. And, quite frankly, “stuff happens.”

With that in mind, a few sets of expensive keys were mistakenly placed in the trash and taken out to the dumpster. TrueSpot’s Real Time Location Services to the rescue!

TrueSpot’s Lot Management 360, with our pinpoint car and key location capability, pointed immediately to the dumpster behind the dealership as the key’s location. Though everyone was in disbelief, the TrueSpot key proximity finder quickly confirmed the location as the dealer team moved closer to the location.

But the story does not end there, because TrueSpot had more surprises up its sleeve. As the latex gloves came out, it was a daunting task to dig through an entire dumpster of rotting trash. But with TrueSpot, they quickly pinpointed the exact bag of trash, avoiding a lengthy, smelly, and messy exercise for all involved.

Then, voila! The keys were recovered!

Just in re-key costs alone, TrueSpot recovered $1000s of dollars, not to mention eliminating hours and hours of wasted time looking for lost keys. Possibly the best news, the cars (and keys) made it to the front line without delay.

Contact us at to find out more about how Real-Time Location Services, Lot Management 360 and TrueRecon can streamline your operations, save money and sell more! [email protected]

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