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The Power of TrueSpot Real Time Location Services

August 15th, 2019

Imagine, you are done with a long day and very ready to go home. You decide to take just one final check with TrueSpot Lot Management 360 to see that all your cars and keys are accounted for and nothing is out of the ordinary.

Whew.  Time to call it day.

However, the next morning you come in and do your typical inventory check. When you do, you notice there is an exception and that a car mysteriously disappeared at 4:45 AM from your side lot.

Wait, what?…

Immediately, you know this is likely a significant issue and, unlike times in the past, this time you have the tools to quickly jump into action. In the times before TrueSpot, a missing car could sometimes go weeks and even months without ever being missed or noticed. Not anymore.

Today, many TrueSpot dealers are able to quickly identify anomalies and exceptions, and quickly manage these kinds of issues. We hear it all the time. While Lot Management 360 is not active theft prevention, our real time location data and exception reporting can definitely assist in timely theft detection and put you in better position to manage the situation.

Contact TrueSpot today to learn more about the many powerful capabilities of Real Time Location Services for Cars and Keys, Lot Management 360 and TrueRecon. [email protected]

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