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It Starts with Location…


[ jee-oh-in-tel-i-juhns ] noun

1) the study or application of the influence of location to create new insight, learning, and automation of processes

2) the manifestation of location services to create high-value operational insights for any industry that has assets that move

It’s the ability to find any asset FAST. Indoor. Outdoor. Floor to Floor. Accurately and reliably.

Learn how Geo-Intelligence works in these verticals:

TrueSpot Automotive Platform

You can’t sell what you can’t find. Now, there’s ONE dashboard that maps and manages a Dealer’s lot, recon, and fixed ops assets. One dashboard for cars/key locations. One dashboard for recon, front-line, and fixed ops.

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TrueSpot Health Platform

Medical equipment is all too often misplaced or forgotten. TrueSpot Health tracks and maps any asset that moves around an office or campus so it can be put to use when it matters and properly inventoried when it counts.

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