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Think RTLS is too expensive?

Introducing MEDSPOT 360

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TrueSpot Health - MEDSPOT 360

Paired with the TrueSpot Health AQFind plug-and-play private network and patented trackers, our Real-Time Location System tracks assets more accurately at a lower cost.


When hospitals use RTLS to track every item in a hospital’s inventory — from patients and beds to machines and charts — patients receive quicker care and employees save time looking for equipment, with a dramatic reduction in expense due to loss.


MedSpot 360 delivers a turnkey solution, with no technical staff or extensive training needed, and an easy-to-use platform that can be accessed on any computer, tablet or smartphone — delivering real-time location data for assets being tracked.


Aside from eliminating equipment loss, MedSpot 360 delivers data that becomes vital business intelligence, giving hospital administrators a balcony view of their operations, with insights that can improve policies and procedures — while adding to profits along the way.

  • Real-time location of critical equipment
  • Inventory monitoring and notifications for PAR level thresholds
  • Optimized utilization of existing equipment, improving staff support and reducing future purchases
  • Better device management and maintenance through usage analytics and notifications
  • Deploy quickly with minimal support needed
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    MedSpot360 is the tool you need to stop today’s losses and get ahead of tomorrow’s challenges. Work better, faster and smarter — without working harder.