Used Car Reconditioning


Truerecon™ What does used-car reconditioning mean anyway? Your TrueRecon™ team has put together this page to help you understand what's involved and what the process means for both consumer and

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Lot Management Done Right!


Many companies claim they have a lot management solution, but a closer inspection reveals that it is not a solution built for dealers to manage their lot.  The solutions

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TrueSpot Finds Missing Inventory Assets


TrueSpot technology finds missing inventory assets (and sometimes bust guilty parties). Steven Finlay | Mar 06, 2020 It’s a hassle to lose your car keys. Multiply that pain point by hundreds,

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Former TradeRev sales executive joins TrueSpot


Thursday, Dec. 12, 2019, 02:52 PM By Auto Remarketing Staff PLANO, Texas - New Internet of Things (IOT) asset location platform developer TrueSpot has appointed former TradeRev territory sales executive

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Putting Auto Recon On Autopilot with TrueSpot


<Auto Remarketing Article Excerpt> Mike Hanna says his company’s platform “geo-automates complex reconditioning tasks.” “Our platform basically puts vehicle recon on ‘autopilot,’” said Hanna, who is chief executive officer

Putting Auto Recon On Autopilot with TrueSpot2021-07-16T20:35:33+00:00
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