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Keys, Keys…Where Are The Keys?!


One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, or at least that was the case at one of TrueSpot’s dealer partners recently. With 500+ vehicles typically in inventory and an intensive

Keys, Keys…Where Are The Keys?!2020-08-26T19:31:16+00:00

The TOP 10 Best Practices in Vehicle Recon


After years of interviews and first-hand experience, across various car dealerships, the most efficient ways of working become clear.  With the adoption of some simple techniques and technology, dealers

The TOP 10 Best Practices in Vehicle Recon2020-07-08T02:59:06+00:00

Door Number 1, 2, or 3…


If you have been around the KeyBank system at all, you know keys can still go missing. A typical scenario goes as follows. A key is returned to the

Door Number 1, 2, or 3…2020-07-08T02:59:40+00:00
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