Streamline Your Recon Process

Using Geo-Intelligence to Drive efficiency to your Recon process

TrueSpot Dealer Dashboard

  • Automate and track vehicle step progression including offsite vendors
  • Alerts to know when a vehicle has exceeded the allowable time in a step
  • Automated RO process including integration with leading DMS systems including CDK
  • Vehicle margin calculator to assist in RO decisions
  • Reporting & analytics to understand inefficiencies, as well as dollars, spent

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    General Manager, Galpin Volkswagen

    “TrueRecon has allowed us to eliminate paper estimates altogether and keep our operations and our processes much more organized. It’s had a huge impact on the pace of our recon process We’ve been able to work our days in recon down as a result.

    Now the sales staff has a much clearer view of the process and how quickly it’s running — and they have more confidence in it, so when they see a car that comes in, they know when they’ll be able to sell it. The enthusiasm is much higher because we have a much more efficient process. When salespeople don’t have confidence in your process, they’re going to shy away from selling certain things. When you get your sales staff more engaged, naturally the profit is going to go up.”


    President. Dallas Lease Returns

    “The reason I recommend TrueSpot is simply execution. There are a lot of products out there and I have demoed hundreds over the years and have a ton of horror stories. At the end of the day, people are buying the products. So I need a team of people that are actually going to execute on what they promise. We are big on relationships at Dallas Lease Returns and I feel we have a fantastic relationship with TrueSpot.”