Track Cars & Keys

Accurate location of cars and keys drives high-efficiency operations and saves time.

TrueSpot Dealer Dashboard
The TrueSpot Dealer Dashboard and Mobile Keyfinder

  • Instant car & key locations.
  • Mobile-enabled tracking.
  • Real-time analytics.
  • Bespoke campus or nationwide solutions

  • Faster audits & photos.
  • Streamlined open & close.
  • Aged inventory, margins, theft, & other custom reports.

If you don’t think you have lost cars and keys problem, consider this…

Losing Things Adds Up

  • At ~$350 each, rekeying is a BIG profitability drain.
  • Staff time lost to looking for cars adds up to ~$280,000 a year.
  • Faster service means higher customer satisfaction and warm referrals.
  • Streamlined opening and closing reduces frustration and increases a selling mindset.

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Purpose-built tracking technology is the most cost-effective and accurate solution for auto dealers.

Add TrueTags to keys and cars to track them indoors and outdoors. In above-ground or below-ground parking.

Car and Key TrueTags
Car and Key TrueTags
  • Fast and Easy tags are assigned in seconds with a click in the app
  • Locker Ready tags work as a stand-alone solution or with key lockers
  • 95% reduction in key loss reported by TrueSpot dealers
  • 45-minute faster sales cycle, from hello to handover
  • $2K/mo. saved in rekey expenses on average
  • NO F&I sale or special service techs required.
  • 30-day ROI. Pays for itself with margin and productivity savings

SpotTracker OBDII is Tailor-made for VIP Demos and Service Loaners

  • Auto Pairing – plug in the device and we automatically pair the vehicle to your DMS. Even if the car is not already in your inventory, we automatically create and VIN Validate the vehicle.
  • Alerts with Geo-fencing – Quickly create local, state, or national geo-fences that trigger movement alerts. Set odd-hour activity alerts. Get notified of a collision, tow event, and reckless driving.
  • No F&I Sales or Intsalls Required – This low profile, GPS/Cellular solution requires no antenna or hard-wired installation. Device auto pairs with VIN Validation and works in any model from 1996 on. Just unplug and redeploy when the car is sold.

Your TrueSpot location powered, dynamic dashboard and real-time analytics solution digitizes your front line operations

  • Built to your custom operations and work-flow specs.
  • Ready for full or partial automation of your recon process.
  • Seamless integration with your DMS or inventory provider.
  • Real-time alerts tailored to your needs.
  • Top-rated customer support and training.


General Manager, Toyota of Irving

“TrueSpot is by far the best lot management technology that we’ve ever implemented in our 52 years in the business. Not only is it simple to tag and monitor vehicles/keys on any device, but it also supercharges our recon process by eliminating question marks on a vehicle’s status. TrueSpot will not only exponentially save your dealership from wasting time and money, it also eliminates the missing car/key problem and the associated stress entirely. I recommend TrueSpot and have no doubt that you’ll see the ROI and value in their technology.


General Manager, Vanguard Kia

TrueSpot is Great!  No more wasted time looking for cars/keys.  Plus, TrueRecon is the ONLY recon software that allows me to track the progress of my pre-owned cars during each step of the recon process with “real time” geo-validation. This allows me to identify bottlenecks in the process and does not rely on employee input for status updates so we can efficiently reduce the time it takes to get vehicles frontline ready.”

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