Using Geo-Intelligence to Optimize your front-line operations

TrueSpot Dealer Dashboard

  • Real-time location of vehicles, keys, dealer plates, jump boxes, and more
  • Reduced time in sales customer experience
  • Accelerate opening and closing procedures
  • Integration with inventory, GPS, and key machine partners to bring all data into one dashboard
  • After hours alerts if a vehicle is moved

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    General Manager, Toyota of Irving

    “TrueSpot is by far the best lot management technology that we’ve ever implemented in our 52 years in the business. Not only is it simple to tag and monitor vehicles/keys on any device, but it also supercharges our recon process by eliminating question marks on a vehicle’s status. TrueSpot will not only exponentially save your dealership from wasting time and money, it also eliminates the missing car/key problem and the associated stress entirely. I recommend TrueSpot and have no doubt that you’ll see the ROI and value in their technology.


    General Manager, Vanguard Kia

    TrueSpot is Great!  No more wasted time looking for cars/keys.  Plus, TrueRecon is the ONLY recon software that allows me to track the progress of my pre-owned cars during each step of the recon process with “real time” geo-validation. This allows me to identify bottlenecks in the process and does not rely on employee input for status updates so we can efficiently reduce the time it takes to get vehicles frontline ready.”